Musicaeanima citata positivamente dalla testata estera Mighty Music

La testata estera Mighty Music cita Musicaeanima nella classifica per le recensioni dell’anno 2019 in merito a

I grandi chitarristi – Soren Andersen – Guilty Pleasure




Di seguito la lista citata per le migliori recensioni estere come riportata dalla testata:


Blitzkrieg “Loud & Proud” EP
Metal Invader (GR) review

Chronicle “Demonology”
Flight Of Pegasus (GR) review

Justify Rebellion “The Ends Justify The Means”
“Never has Justify Rebellion felt so strong and powerful” CGCM Podcast (US) review
Music Interview Magazine (US) feature @ New Music Preview article
Flight Of Pegasus (GR) review

Kickin Valentina “Chaos In Copenhagen” EP
Dominate Me Magazine (US) feature + cover mention
Little Masters of Metal (FR) review

Pectora “Untaken”
“This ’80s metal gem is more than welcome to shred and ruin my truck’s imaginary tape deck any time it wants. Without a doubt, this is my Debut Record o’ the Year” Angry Metal Guy (US) #10 Dr. A.N. Grier Top Ten(ish) of 2019

“Metallica meets Draconian Times era Paradise Lost on chest day” Angry Metal Guy (US) #Honorable mention Steel Druhm’s Top Ten(ish) of 2019

Soren Andersen Music “Guilty Pleasures”
“Allacciate le cinture, alzate il volume al massimo e lasciate che “Guilty Pleasures” vi guidi in momenti fantastici” review

Transport League “A Million Volt Scream”
HARD FORCE (FR) Top Albums 2019 mention

Tygers Of Pan Tang “Ritual”
“This album is out of this world” @Stoakes Media (UK) review
CLASSIX METAL & CLASSIX! Magazines (IT) interview feature
Classic Rock Italia (IT) Best Records of 2019 article
Sonic Perspectives (US) #2 in best records of 2019 list
Metal Asylum (GR) #5 in best records of 2019 list
The Metal Mag (FR) interview feature
United Rock Nations (FR) 4/5 review
Dioses del Metal (ES) review
italia di metallo (IT) review

Vanir “Allfather”
Hard Force (FR) Top Albums 2019 mention

VULCANO “Eye In Hell”
Flight Of Pegasus (GR) review



Ogni tanto qualche piccola/grande soddisfazione. Grazie alla testata della Mighty per la citazione.



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