Old School West Coast Rap Hip Hop

Un mix di classici del genere G Funk e Gangsta degli anni ’90 e dei primi anni 2000

Rap bangin ‘e STRICTLY West Coast G Funk / Gangsta da ascoltare





0:00 2 Of Amerikaz Most Wanted- 2Pac

4:07 I’d Rather Give You My Bitch- Suga Free

9:11 You’z A Ganxta- DJ Quik

13:36 C-Walk- Kurupt

18:49 So Many Wayz- DJ Quik

24:31 Cavvy Sounds- Lil ½ Dead

29:02 Dollaz, Drank, & Dank- Mr. Short Khop

33:26 In California- Daz Dillinger

38:33 Fuckin’ Wit Uh House Party- WC

43:25 Friday Night- Tha Eastsidaz

47:22 Get Nekkid- Mausberg

51:24 Thug Passion- 2Pac

56:34 Indo Smoke- Mista Grimm

1:02:00 Tonite- DJ Quik

1:07:26 I Want It All- Warren G

1:12:34 Round & Round- Twinz

1:16:17 G’d Up- Tha Eastsidaz

1:20:55 Ain’t No Fun- Snoop Dogg

1:25:02 Only In California- Mack 10

1:29:43 We Can Freak It- Kurupt

1:33:54 Xxplosive- Dr. Dre

1:37:31 I’m A Player- Too $hort

1:43:31 I Luv Cali (In The Summertime)- Roscoe

1:47:09 Where I Wanna Be- Shade Sheist

1:51:25 Ain’t No Fun- Snoop Dogg [I accidentally put this one twice, sorry]

1:55:34 Dogghouse- Tha Eastsidaz

1:59:58 All About You- 2Pac

2:04:31 Listen to the Sound- Foesum

2:09:17 Let Me Ride- Dr. Dre

2:13:39 Still Fuckem- Eazy E

2:18:06 Bitch Please- Snoop Dogg

2:22:01 Because I Got A Girl- Nate Dogg

2:25:51 Who Am I? (What’s My Name?)- Snoop Dogg

2:29:59 What Would You Do?- Tha Dogg Pound

2:34:11 This D.J.- Warren G

2:37:36 Crip Hop- Tha Eastsidaz

2:42:53 Summertime In The LBC- The Dove Shack

2:46:49 Same Song- 2Pac feat. The Digital Underground

2:50:48 Just Clownin’- WC

2:54:50 Hoo-Bangin’ (WSCG Style)- Westside Connection

2:58:48 Back In The Day- Lil ½ Dead

3:03:33 Ghetto Bird- Ice Cube

3:07:27 Housewife- Dr. Dre

3:11:31 Nothin’ But The Cavi Hit- Mack 10 & Tha Dogg Pound

3:15:38 Servin’ ‘Em Heat- South Central Cartel

3:19:59 This Type Of Flow- Soopafly

3:24:05 Gangsta Walk- Coolio

3:27:59 Hog- WC


Buon ascolto!



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